海格 首页Decor : Cozy 自己动手做 Projects for Fall & Winter

完全了解我的人都知道,我爱的一件事是享受简单的事物。书籍,柔软的织物,颜色,淡紫色的香味,婴儿的脚趾,花朵… Christmas lights…太多的事情可以感动我并安慰我。我努力争取的一件事是对生活中的珍贵细节更加感恩和铭记。谁知道丹麦人已经知道了这一切?如果你没有’t heard of “Hygge”, let me let you in on the best thing I have heard of since fresh baked bread 和 melted butter. One of the hottest trends around, 海格 is loosely translated as anything that embraces comfort, connection, 和 the appreciation of the simple gifts in life. The Danish lifestyle trend is nothing new, in fact, it (the terminology, anyway!) has been around for more than two hundred years. What is new for the rest of us is the awareness of how in todays world of uncertainty, 海格 home decor appeals to us at home, 和 in the colder months most of all.

在我们最爱的地方度过的时光,我们喜欢的人感到安全,舒适,是的, 舒适, is a good part of what 海格 is all about. BTW, did everyone know that the Danes are some of the happiest people on this earth? (And trust me, they have 看过 雪和黑暗的冬天会带来!)那么让我们注意吧?为了使整个事情变得更加有趣,“Hygge” is pronounced “hoo-ga”. Go ahead, say it.  Your kids will love it. 😉 So embrace 海格 decor 和 try these 舒适 自己动手做 专案 for fall & winter!



Embrace 海格 - Cozy 自己动手做 Projects for Fall & Winter


海格 首页Decor

What is 海格 首页Decor?

Remember, Hygge is more of the feeling that something gives you, not a style in 和 of itself, so it may mean different things to different people. It is not the dark 和 rustic kind of 舒适, but rather a bright 和 intimate feeling at the same time, kind of like a happy hug from your home decor. Scandinavian decor is generally light in color 和 feeling, to counter their long, dark winters. (Smart, right? :)) That having been said, here are some of the basics of what 自己动手做 舒适 海格 decor is all about. Photo below by ‘城市服装店‘.


海格 Decor is Cozy

任何使您想要紧贴,包裹自己或感觉刷在皮肤上的东西都可以给您带来舒适的感觉。即使你可以’t touch can make you feel 舒适, like the sounds of your cat purring, the smell of beef stew on the stove, or the heat given off by the fireplace. These 舒适 自己动手做 专案 will help you to get your 海格 on! Make this 自己动手做 chunky tassel blanket from ‘设计海绵‘使每个凉爽的夜晚成为特殊的时间。您可以根据自己的房间和口味定制的简单项目。




Using Texture in 海格 首页Decor

Texture is an important element to 海格, because it’是触觉的心理组成部分。看到电缆针织毛衣的质感,即使在整个房间中,也能使您感到舒适。在漫长的一天结束时,模糊的人造皮草抛出将减轻您的忧虑。或者,更好的是,将两者结合起来,学习如何从‘大雄‘。如果本教程没有’为您服务,跳至TBD并查看我们关于以下内容的文章 轻松DIY厚实的扔毯子,然后从那些舒适的DIY项目之一中进行选择!




海格 is Comfort

想为您的家增添更多舒适感吗?没有比枕头更好的方法了!结合质地,舒适 舒适并制作这些DIY人造毛皮枕头‘100件事2‘。这些都是受PB枕头启发的,大型枕头的价格为160美元!她花了6美元赚了。让你想依sn,对不对?


想要制造一个超级长毛绒,每当有机会将脚趾斜视进去,从头开始就使脚毛蓬松吗?然后跳到‘纸& Stitch‘并找出她是如何做到的。我们的客厅里有一块深而柔软的白色粗毛地毯,每当我的赤脚碰到它时,我就会微笑。那’s 海格 decor.


蜡烛& Lighting

好的,我是蜡烛爱好者。一世’多年来,我一直在告诉我的读者不仅要熄灭蜡烛,还要点燃蜡烛。它们很便宜,而且不只是特殊日子。好吧,他们是。但是我们在这里学习的是每一天都是特殊的一天。活下去试试这个DIY迷迭香和葡萄柚蜡烛‘糖和布‘. Not only is it stylish 和 chic, it also brings nature into your home decor, 和 that just happens to be the next element of 海格…


Lighting is so important in creating a 舒适 feel in your home, 和 if you can combine lighting, texture, 和 a natural look? Total 海格. We are huge fans of using string lights indoors to add warmth 和 sparkle, but these 自己动手做 string lights from ‘鲍勃·维拉‘更进一步。




海格 首页Decor is Nature

北欧国家与大自然息息相关,因此庆祝一种生活中重要事物的生活方式会庆祝那些礼物是有意义的。将植物,木材,石材和其他天然材料带入您的家中,以带来亲密和联系的感觉。我们喜欢这种新鲜有趣的DIY漂浮植物架子‘我的品味的地方‘. You could hang this in a cold 和 austere corner of any room, or in front of a window to bring attention to the light from Mother Nature.  This is an easy tutorial that will bring life to your decor without overwhelming it. (Or making more work for you, 海格 decor shouldn’不会加重您的负担!)



Most people only think of the senses of sight 和 touch when it comes to home decor, but 海格 goes beyond that. It is about the whole experience for you 你附近的人。经常会忽略听觉和嗅觉,但这些都是如此重要的细节。 (味觉?我’恐怕您需要用一些热可可和新鲜出炉的饼干来解决这个问题…在完成其中一些项目之后!)

的Jenn来自‘清洁香‘对于这些DIY薰衣草迷迭香蜡融化剂,有一个简单易学的教程。这些可用于任何标准的蜡熔炉。 (我们的厨房柜台上放着一个,很喜欢!)我们喜欢它们融合了大自然的气味,同时又美丽。您甚至可以将它们塞在漂亮的纹理篮子中展示,直到准备使用。如果您有机会在自己的花园里种一些草药,那么这样的项目将变得更加令人满意。



Paying attention to the small 和 simple pleasures in life is at the heart of 海格 home decor. Make sure there are plenty of throw pillows to comfort your guests, 和 take the time to put flowers in the powder room. (Even if its just one in a bud vase!) Serve cookies on pretty plates 和 forget the plastic spoons. Choose fabrics for how they will feel against your skin. Use a homemade linen spray on your pillows 和 sheets. Hang an inspiring piece of art in the laundry room. Did I mention, use flowers? Use flowers! Play soft music, develop rituals 和 be grateful for everything from your new bathroom rug, to the colors in the sky outside your window.


海格 is Connection

海格 means nothing without sharing your lives with someone you love. When you think about all those images of candlelit dinners 和 Christmas morning in front of the fire, they all feel so 舒适 和 warm. But remember, they are all waiting for the people you care about to bring those scenes to life! Use these 舒适 自己动手做 专案 for fall & winter to warm up your home 和 add some 海格 to your life!

喜欢这个?试试我们在TBD上的帖子 自己动手做人造皮草项目 for more 海格 decor! Or check out 18个优雅的秋季装饰项目!如果您想翻个桌子,让整个假期都“丰富多彩”,请查看我们在 糖果乐园圣诞节 在待定!

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